There are several options available for observing Hierarchy:

  • By user
  • Organizational tree
  • Department structure

Hierarchy by user

If you want to see the user's Hierarchy visualization  simply choose By user and input user's name or choose him from the list in Choose user

After this you will be able to see the selected person's manager and his direct subordinates

Hierarchy by organizational tree

Organizational tree is a depiction of company's structure.

Here you have an option to see the structure by levels:
Level 1 - CEO/Board of Directors/Boss
Level 2 - Top management
Level 3 - Top management + their direct subordinates
Level 4 - .........
Level 5 - ........
All organization  - all the company's employees who are included to the hierarchy

* Note that  the users who are blocked, deleted or do not have direct manager will not be displayed!

If you click Only managers you will only see those users who have their own direct subordinates.

Hierarchy by departments

By choosing Departments structure  you can see all the company's departments 

Using green arrows you can expand different levels of the departments you are interested in.

Or choose some specific department from the list and see it's structure completely.

  • Note that here you can also see those users who do not have a manager but still belong to this department
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