Let's take a look on what do we see, when we first get into Heartpace app.
As soon as you first log in, you get to your Profile page in your Workspace:

To the left you will find your Account card with basic info like position, email, admin role(if any), etc
To the right there is a Profile info that has to be filled in according to your company profile template created by HR.

At the top left corner of the Top menu you can see the company logo and to the right Create Talk + button, Bell notifications center  and User drop-down menu.  This top menu will always be  available to give you quick access to main options no matter which page in Heartpace you are located in.

In the Notification Center with the bell sign you will find updates made to your goals, documents and talks you are taking a part in.

Crete Talk and  +  button allow you to quickly access basic system actions like creating new:

  • evaluation 
  • survey
  • objective
  • activity
  • upload document
  • add contact

Some of the options might be missing, depending on your User role and available modules.

User menu  allows you to reach basic options like:

  • Settings - both for user and company(depending on the user role) where you can set preferences, change password, config some customization and so on
  • My hierarchy  - where you can view your place in company and search for other users
  • My profile - quickly access your profile page
  • Contacts - see your contact book where you can add external users who are not in your Heartpace 
  • Log out 

Beneath the company logo you will find the tab menu. As well as actions in Start button some of the options also night be hidden depending on you user role.

Profile - here you will find user Profile info (CV) according to the template built by admin.
Talks - here you will find all your personal or subordinates Talks.
Objectives - i
n the list  are all your personal or subordinates objectives, in the short or long term.
Activities - i
n the list are all your activities. An activity can be linked to an overall objective.
Survey - i
n the list you will find all company Surveys you take part in.
Evaluation -
here  you will find all your evaluations like 360° or project evaluations.
Documents - i
n the list below you can find all documents that you have uploaded or that are shared with you.
Data - i
n the list you can find and use available data sources.

Gallery - find your coworkers
Org chart - check out the company hierarchy
Alignment -  overview of how your objectives and activities guide against overall vision and strategy.
Statistics - here you can generate report for individual and direct conversations by set filters.
Data export  - you can find export files that you have generated or ones that were created by others.
DSM - in the list  you can find and use available data sources.

Templates - create or edit templates for talks, surveys and evaluations  or user profile template(CV).

Feel free to explore and ask any questions in support chat:

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