The evaluation report depends a lot on how you group the respondents while creating evaluation.

In  this case the report will represent 3 bars:
1 - for appraisee's self-accessment
2 - for manager's feedback
3 - for peers' feedback

The tick on report (while creating evaluation) by default gives access to overall score only.
If you'd like to see extended version or complete report - specify it in settings on the Report step.

Here you can choose which report presentation you are interested in.
As mentioned before - the Overall score is enabled by default.

From here you can also share the report to users who didn't take part in this evaluation:

The Overall score represents the average result for numeric questions and doesn't display any text answers or comments:

Questions of table or competence Type can be expanded and display average result for each option: 

Feedback results Shows  both text answers in random order :

and numeric answers in bar representation:

It is also possible to see 

  •  Highest and Lowest Ratings
  •  Gap Report 

In the end the manager(or those who have access to report step) can leave his notes on the report:

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