Effective meetings are interesting, high-energy events where team members work together and solve problems or make decisions. Unfortunately, too many meetings we attend seem to be just the opposite. The worst meetings bring time to a crawl, leaving everyone mentally and emotionally exhausted and sometimes more than frustrated. The difference is how the meetings are being planned and held.

To get the best result from your Project meeting try to use Heartpace Team Talk. It`s your opportunity to make it most productive and result-oriented.

What does every successful meeting include?

  • Agenda
  • Ready-for-discussion participants
  • Clear and fixed result 
  • Next steps

Step 1

First of all, create your own template for Project Meeting beforehand so that it best fits Your case. Add all content and choose talk type - Team Talk

Step 2

Then create the talk and specify the flow for your Team Talk and then add Title, Description and check out other Advanced options.

Step 3

On this step you should choose participants for your Team Talk.
In the first tab you can choose your subordinates, the second tab shows all the colleagues from your department, in the third tab you can invite all people from your personal contact list. The last tab shows all the users available  to you.

Step 4

Finally, set date and time for your Project Talk (it can be start date or deadline) and if you have some useful materials for this Talk, attach them to tab below.

Now the participants get email notifications and everything is ready!

How is the Team Talk going?

First of all, all the participants should prepare to the meeting and give answers according to the template and look through the files attached. Click "Lets Talk" when ready.

When all the team is ready, talk organizer can start your Project Meeting Talk. As you discuss each question through your template you will be able to add comments, create objectives or activities on the go.
The objectives are always assigned to specific people and have deadlines so you can be sure nothing is lost or forgotten.

In that way, your team will be focused on your Project Meeting purpose, objectives, and agenda. And it can bring new discussed objectives for each team member and clear and aligned activity for future project work.

As a result, after your Project Meeting by Heartpace Team Talk you can:

  • Summarize discussion. Get together all  the information and shared ideas and suggest  solution
  • Capture conclusions after your Project Meeting
  • Manage the time of the meeting
  • Have meeting history, compare result and see your general progress

Running effective meetings is all about planning. Make sure you take care of this vitally important area. And Heartpace can help you!

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