Thinking about staff and Christmas tends to lead us to thoughts of Christmas parties. While a Christmas party never goes astray, there are other important things to plan for too.

Sum up the results of the ending year together!

Find out what the past year was like for your employees, how do they evaluate their personal success and the results of their team’s work. Get insights from your colleagues before you start planning your 2019.

How can you run your Heartpace Survey?

Build a survey with questions concerning you, let your colleagues make their choice and share an opinion. Leave some space for open comments.

Step 1 - Create a new Survey for your Company

Step 2 / 3 - Define Questions and Select Participants

Build your personal template with important questions for your company and invite your colleagues to answer the Christmas survey

Download Christmas cover for your Template 

Step 4 - Schedule a Survey Date or Start Immediately

Why Christmas Surveys are useful for Employee Engagement?

Regardless of the size of the company or its activities, an employee feedback form has to be in place. And holidays are a great excuse to launch this Christmas Survey. The company is alive through its employees and its success is very much dependent on them. You might have a brilliant leadership team, but the actual work is performed by the employees. Make sure to keep them happy. 

Let's do a great work together in 2019! 

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