At login Page enter your email and password as usual.

After this you will see a message:

Click Send Email and check out your mailbox.

There’s an email waiting for you which is only valid for 1hour!

Click the link to proceed to the form:

Click Next to proceed to the form where you can set up your phone number

Choose the country and the country code will appear. Then input the rest of your phone number:

Check out your phone for SMS  code and input the number:

You can instantly get inside the system 


you can proceed with Google Authenticator installation

Proceed to complete set up. If you don’t, you will have to login with SMS code which is less reliable and secure.

First of all - Install GA to your mobile phone 

You can download it from Google Play or App store:

Open the App and find the + button in the top right corner:

Then scan Barcode or manual entry:

At the same time after you clicked Next in browser, you will find a barcode to scan:

Scan It with you’re your app and right there inside you will see a new Heartpace code appear with your email:

Last step – put in the code from google authenticator to your form:

And now you’re getting in:

                This is it! :-)

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