Gallery tab is your company people board where you can find all employees with an account in Heartpace tool.

Select one or more employee using checkbox at the top left corner of user card and click on required action button.

Here you can find all available actions you can do with your company employees according to your user role such as:

  • search through user account and profile information
  • edit user settings
  • manage blocked and deleted user accounts
  • view and build users hierarchy 
  • invite to dialogue, create reports, objectives and activities

 Use advanced search of users to create and save specific queries:

You can also create or import new users by clicking on the icon and fulfilling required info or uploading a file.(depending on the user role)

In the top right corner you can change the view from standard to list which might be more convenient to quickly observe user's contact info.
 Use sorting from A-Z and Backwords to put the users in alphabet order.

View the Hierarchy org chart to see the company's structure and one's place in it.

Edit User's Hierarchy by clicking on subordinate's sign under the user's profile picture.

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