We heve 2 User Types available in Heartpace: Employee and Manager

  1. Employee is a default system role assigned to each your company user. Employee works with his Profile/Documents, Goals and Talks only. Additional Talk templates management rights can be granted to this role by company administrators. An employee can only report to one manager at the same time(be subordinate)!
  2. Manager is the Company employee who has subordinates in his hierarchy tree. He works with/responsible for not only own Profile/Documents, Goals and Talks but only for his subordinates' ones. Managers in the top of other Managers hierarchy (Manager of Manager) inherits all subordinates (including Manager) rights and is able to work with content of all bottom hierarchy.

User access roles can be assigned from Company settings - Roles and accesses.
Here you can define which users can create dialogue templates

You can also assign Administrators and edit their roles.
Regarding features accessibility there are 6 user roles available in the system:

  1. Primary company administrator (PCA) is the top Company account set-upper. He is assigned to this role upon Company account creation and is responsible for CA accounts management. Also he inherits all CA role rights. This role can be treated as HR Director one or any other (CEO etc.) that takes responsibility for correct company account running. There can be only two PCA in the company account. (2 users max)
  2. Company administrator (CA) is one of the main Company account runners. He is responsible for Profile and Dialogue templates management, Users hierarchy building, Company/Users security and general settings management. As a part of Company he has the basic Employee role unless subordinates are added to his account.
  3. Employee Administrator(EA) - is the Company employee with extended rights to view and manage all company Users' Profiles and Profile documents, set and update their Goals and delete Talks. He can also fully manage Talk and Profile templates and build Users hierarchy. This role can be treated as an HR one or any other role that takes responsibility for correct information keeping and updating for the whole Company. 
  4. Activity manager(AM) - an employee who can set objectives and activities to other users.
  5. Evaluation manager(EM) - someone who has the rights to use Evaluation module and manage all evaluations inside organization.
  6. IT Manager(ITM) - is a person who can work with settings regarding security and integrations
  7. Survey Manager(SM)  - permission for all surveys management inside organization.

Check Roles table to see the list of permissions for each role:

*Note that several roles at the same time can be assigned.
For example, CA+EA combined together give user almost same rights as PCA (except custom fields management, user roles assignment ). Or Employee admin can also be IT manager and so on..

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