A user with administrative role can create new user in two ways:

  1. With the help of CREATE NEW USER button in Gallery.

2. From User Hierarchy editing page.

After that a pop-up window appears where you can input all the minimum necessary info.
First name, Last Name and Email - are the minimum mandatory fields for creating a new user.
Pay attention to "Activation mode" - by default it is set as "activate later" but you can change it depending on your situation.

It is not necessary to upload the photo or choose the avatar at once at the moment of creation. An employee can do it  himself later from User settings in User info editting.

All other fields can be edited later by user but you can still input basic account data:

  • Choose Gender: male, female or other. Or let an employee do it later himself. 
  • Input user's title or position
  • Input user's phone number   
  • Specify Birthdate, which will only be visible to the user and system administrators.
  • Select Department (choose one from the list of Departments created before in Company settings)

Click Save to create new user account.

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